Transporting children for PICU

Transporting your child to a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Children needing intensive care in the KIDS area are normally transported from their initial hospital to either Birmingham Children’s Hospital PICU or University Hospital of North Staffordshire PICU.  A team of doctors and nurses normally transport children requiring paediatric intensive care in our area. These teams have extra training to safely transfer children. There are 2 transport teams in the KIDS area:

Kids Intensive Care and Decision Support (KIDS) – for babies and children

Neonatal Transport Service (NTS) – for babies in neonatal units

When the KIDS team arrives

The team will introduce themselves to you and then receive a full handover of your child’s condition from your child’s doctor and nurse.

The retrieval doctor and nurse will assess your child’s current condition and make a plan of action for further treatment. They will explain to you what will happen to your child.

Once this plan is started and your child is stable the KIDS team will transfer your child to a PICU.

Can I travel with my child to the PICU?

Yes, KIDS is usually able to take at least one parent in the ambulance.  We also have mobile phone charging facilities and a complimentary refreshments available for you on board.

Safety during transport with the KIDS team

Every effort is made to make transporting your child as safe as possible. The transport team uses equipment designed for the purpose and all European guidance and legislation is strictly adhered to.

How do I get to the PICU?

The retrieval team will give you a map and a telephone number for the PICU that your child will be taken to. See also the section ' Where is Paediatric Intensive care provided'.

Please do not attempt to follow the ambulance, as this is not safe for you and other road users.