Referral process

Step 1 – Phone call to the KIDS call centre

Any clinician can call the KIDS Call Centre 24 hours a day.
Calls are free within the UK.

The KIDS referral documentation can be found here. It may be useful to refer to this document when referring a patient.

Phone number: 0300 200 1100

All telephone calls are recorded for audit, training and patient record purposes.

Step 2 – Initial details taken by the call centre operator

Reason for referral
Name of child
Child’s date of birth
Child’s address
Child’s weight
Child’s GP name
Child’s GP address

Referring doctor’s name
Referring consultant’s name
Referring doctor’s contact number
Referring hospital and ward
Clinician preference of receiving PICU

Step 3 – Conference call with KIDS consultant

The call centre operator will call back the referring clinician and connect them onto a conference call with the KIDS duty consultant. Any other relevant clinicians can also be added to the conference call.

Step 4 – Management plan

The KIDS consultant will give advice and agree an initial management plan with the referring clinicians. When a decision is made to retrieve the child, KIDS will mobilise a retrieval team.

Step 5 – Further advice

Whilst the retrieval team is travelling to the referring hospital, the KIDS consultant can give further advice regarding the patient’s management if required.

Step 6 – PICU bed found for the patient

A paediatric intensive care bed will be found and the KIDS consultant will liaise with the receiving intensive care unit’s consultant.

Step 7 – Referring hospital updated with progress

KIDS contacts the referring hospital to update them that a PICU bed has been found for the child.