Case review template

We have recently been using this template as a framework to review cases referred to KIDS.  We look at the whole patient pathway, including before, during, and post-KIDS involvement for any potential areas for improvement.  If there was a delay in the KIDS team reaching the patient bedside for instance, but patient care is not compromised, we would score this is a

3 -‘The care provided was less than adequate; and different management would not reasonably be expected to have altered the outcome.’  We then look at the causes of the delay to see if we can change practice and improve our delivery of care in the future.

For our Morbidity and Mortality meetings, we use the same template to look at specific cases in depth, which allows an objective review of all aspects of care, with a systematic identification and record of all learning and action points thereof.

We have shared this template with some of our DGHs to review cases they have referred to KIDS - and others have access to it – we also had interest from some of the delegates at the recent West Midlands Paediatric Critical Care Forum.  

It is a ‘template’ which can be edited/modified to suit local needs.

If you do use it, please do share your experience with us!